Hours of Operation

Please note:  

We are now scheduling to have guests play in our back yard tree house complex by appointment. 

Please Note that our operational season is while there are leaves on the trees. 

Please keep an eye open for the weather.  Raining or snowing days we will be closed to visits for safety purposes.
We are focusing visits on Saturday afternoons to accommodate the active schedule of our children.    

This is our home - our private residence. 
We are still in a state of construction and development,  and we enjoy the opportunity to welcome visitors to see our creations.  We enjoy the opportunity to welcome visitors to see our creations.  

If you are interested in volunteering to help progress along, feel free to contact me 
(as seen in our "Contact Us" page).  

Updates will be posted on our website and our Facebook page (which can be reached by clicking on the Facebook tab).  It is all coming together quite nicely and we look forward to playing in the trees! 

Because this is a private residence and we have our own children, our hours are this crazy!  The phone number shown here is our number, so please call for an appointment.  SMALL groups are welcome!