Saturday, November 15, 2014


Thank you for coming to the Tree Creations website!  Please note, this is our home, not a business, so please call to schedule an appointment to visit our Tree Creations.   If you would like to hear about Tree Creations, click on this link:
(Radio Interview Link)

We are approaching our 6th year anniversary since we started building my children their tree house village, and we are pretty excited for our up and coming creations.

This year, we hope to schedule guests to come play around the end of June. 

"End of June - Why so late?" you ask...

For safety purposes, we do not like continuing construction or performing maintenance while we have guests.

We recently acquired an actual Airplane that we raised and and added to our tree creations to let your imagination run wild.  Please be patient with our construction.  The bridge to allow you to be the pilot is coming!

Our usual operational season is while there are leaves on our trees

We are focusing visits on the weekends during the afternoons to accommodate the active schedule of our family.  Please call for an appointment of join our facebook page to get hours for just dropping in!  Tree Houses are a lot like a swimming pool, and as the Home owners, we would like to be present when guests come to play.  

When you do visit, please accompany your children through the tree houses.  Stairs can be steep and tree house objects can be fragile - either way, we both do not want what we hold dear to be hurt or broken.

Please keep an eye open for the weather.  Raining or snowing days we will be closed to visits for safety purposes.  We hope you understand.  This is our home - our private residence.  We are still in a state of construction and development,  and we enjoy the opportunity to welcome visitors to see our creations.  

Updates will be posted on our Facebook page (which can be reached by clicking on the Facebook tab).  Things like our Fairy Garden and Yellow Brick Road are a couple of highlights!  It is all coming together quite nicely and we look forward to playing in the trees!

Here is a link to our latest drone video that shows our most recent additions!

If you have been here and would like to leave a comment on Trip Advisor, we appreciate your support!